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Guido Marsella, Campanhia

Highly expressive terroir driven wines from Campnhia

Known as 'Mr Fiano' locally Guido Marsella is devoted to this aromatic white grape. Determined to bring some kudos and pride back to this overlooked variety, he has, over the last 20 years, worked tirelessly in his vineyard on the sun-baked hillsides in the heart of Campania.

Farming organically to help draw out and capture the best that his terroir can offer, he produces exquisite examples of what Fiano used to be before over production and international popularity devalued this delicate, delicious wine. As a champion of the underdog, Guido also produces a scintillating Greco di Tufo.

  • Grown and vinified carefully in a high altitude and mountainous zone to showcase the huge potential of this variety
  • Small production of 500 to 800 cases per annum
  • 12 months lees aging
  • The focus is on Fiano but some production of Greco di Tufo