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Palazzo del Mare, Sicily

A joint venture between Alliance and one of the island's top producers

A joint venture between Alliance and one of the Island's top producers, Palazzo del Mare is a great introduction to indigenous Sicilian varietals with a quality price ratio that is hard to beat! 

The island's geography and climate are perfectly suited for the production of healthy, ripe grapes and quality wines. Vineyard sites are situated at an altitude of 200-300m, ensuring cooler night time temperatures which preserve crucial acidity in the grapes. The average age of the vineyards is 15 years old.

A combination of hand and machine harvested grapes, yields are naturally limited by the winds and climactic conditions on the island and average around seven tonnes per hectare.

The Palazzo wines tend to be harvested earlier than many of their neighbours and consequently they are bright and fresh with no jammy, baked flavours.

The Catarratto displays that signature crisp, citrus laced fruit filled style while the Nero dĀ“Avola delivers ample ripe, plummy fruit.