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Adegas Pazo do Mar, DO Monterrei

A delightful family run operation in the Ribeiro for over 30 years

In 2002 Adegas Pazo do Mar was created. It was born of a 30-year family vocation, which respects and admires the age-old Ribeiro wine- making traditions, but has a fresh spirit and vision for the future.

In continuous pursuit of the perfect balance between traditional methods and modern production process which give the wines the freshness and character expected, Pazo do Mar opted for investing in the best available oenological technology to guarantee an end product of the very best quality. Their new, modern premises are equipped with stainless steel tanks with temperature control, constant bitartrate stabilisation, a fully automatic bottling system and, naturally, all the technical staff necessary to ensure the production of delicately flavoured wines of unbeatable quality.