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Bodegas Oller del Mas, DO Pla de Bages

The wines made in Oller del Mas are are made ​​from the best grapes of the estate, with really very limited productions and all of them expressing a terroir and an identity of their own.

Fabulous old estate (with a castle) in Cataluña inland from Penedes and just behind Montserrat.

Frank Margenat is the current incumbent, from a family that traces its ownership of the estate back 1000 years, and has been responsible for reinvigorating its wine production.

45 hectares of certified organic vineyards growing Macabeo, Malvasia, Merlot , Mando, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and most notably Picapoll Blanco and Picapoll Negre. Two indigenous grape varieties sharing a name but otherwise unrelated that set this DO apart and in the case of Negre, this estate. Oller del Mas has exclusive growing rights for 7 years since recovering this variety from some odd plants found on the estate.

With over 400 hectares Frank Margenat is preoccupied with maintaining the estate as naturally as possible. Much of it is left to forest and the 45 hectares of vineyard are farmed organically, along with olive groves and cereals. Working to resurrect old Catalan varieties like Picapoll Negre and Mando