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Bodegas Veracruz, DO Rueda

The Bodega takes its name from "La Ermita de la Veracruz" - which literally translated means "The Hermitage of the True Cross" and is located in the village of Nava del Rey.

The de Benito family's connection with the world of wine started in the 1970s when the father of the present generation that run Bodegas Veracuz bought a bodega in Nava del Rey.

It was his decision to follow the French Chateau pattern, putting the Bodega alongside the vineyards, a revolutionary step for those times in the Rueda area.

The de Benito family were pioneers in applying new wine-making techniques in order to change the style of the wines, taking them from the dullish, high alcohol wines made from over-ripe Verdejo to today's wines which are an explosion of aromas, fruit and freshness.

Nava del Rey was chosen as the site for the Bodega chiefly because of its privileged position within the Rueda D.O. Its proximity to the Duero River means that it benefits more from the Atlantic winds and at the same time, the contrasting daytime and night temperatures, both helping achieve the optimum critical balance between acidity and sugar levels in the grapes grown there.

Furthermore, Nava del Rey is one of the villages in the Rueda DO with the longest and most celebrated winemaking tradition, their wines being the forerunners of the new white wine production throughout Rueda.

The intention was and still is to create a small bodega, completely committed to quality, combining both the Rueda wine-making tradition reaching back to the arrival of the Arabs in the Iberian peninsular in the XI century) and the innovation and creativity that are essential for producing fine wines from the Verdejo grape variety.

Bodegas Veracruz