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Buil y Giné, DOQa Priorat

Buil y Giné is a truly innovative, forward-thinking producer with the drive and passion to bring Priorat to the wider market.

Priorat wines long had a reputation for being unobtainable as they were so expensive. However, Xavi Buil, who leads the charge at Buil y Giné, is challenging this perception with his classy and fabulous value wines which are fresher and more appealing in style, with all of the spice, minerality and fruit that are to be expected from this region.

Though winemaking is in the blood of the Buil y Giné families, it was only in 1996 that they returned to winemaking to continue the tradition that had been part of the family for so long.

The classic soils of Priorat - slate, shale and liquorella - are poor soils for vigour but excellent for restricting yield and the production of powerful, characterful wines.

The Buil y Giné vines are grown on granite soil. The vines are cultivated on sloped terraces and the steepness of some terraces needs to be seen to be believed!