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Caserío de Dueñas, Rueda

300 hectares of vineyard in one of the highest quality zones of the Rueda.

Caserío de Dueñas a singular estate in the heart of the Rueda D.O., where a profound harmony and a great respect for the land have survived many upheavals over the years.

Caserío de Dueñas is not only a manor house but also a chapel and with winemaker Almudena Alberca MW in charge there is a devotion to Verdejo that is almost profound. The wines she creates are a living testimony to a way of making wine and working with this unique land, bringing together what is given and what is created to celebrate Verdejo.

Its history dates back to the start of the 17th Century when these fields were home to a small farming village. In 1800, after Godoy's land disentailment act, the hamlet was transformed into a large estate in which vineyards were planted gradually. Over the decades, more and more land was turned over to vines as they proved ideally suited to the area.