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Dominio de Cair, DO Ribera del Duero

Dominio de Cair is the latest inspiring project from the Riojan stalwart Juan Luis Cañas and his partner Juan José Iribecampos.

Juan Luis Cañas and Juan José Iribecampos were great friends before joining forces to take on the challenge of producing top wine from Ribera del Duero together - so much so that the name Cair is an amalgamation of the first two letters of their respective surnames.

Based in Ribera del Duero, Cair embraces the innovative viticultural and winemaking techniques found in its sister wineries.

Located by the town of Aguilera, Juan Luis and Juan José spent years searching out the perfect vineyard sites and have struck gold with low yielding gnarly old vines planted on very poor soils at 800-900m above sea level. Currently holding 70 hectares, they are constantly on the look out for the right plots.

Extreme weather conditions, coupled with very low rainfall, provide the perfect ripening conditions for the grapes.

Only the highest quality grapes are harvested each year with rigorous selection taking place in the vineyards prior to grapes being hand picked and passed through two sorting tables.

The meticulous care and attention to detail are evident in these wines, which display both the power and finesse evident in the top wines of Ribera.