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Zythos Sidra, Asturias

Few in the U.K are even aware that Spain has an indigenous cider culture to match our own.

The region of Asturia, with the majestic city of Oviedo at its heart, is the home to the Sidra industry and to the eponymous D.O for Sidra production.

During the Franco regime, the rebellious Asturians were the target of efforts to quell dissention and Franco believed that to hit at the heart of their culture, he had to regulate the Sidrerías. As a result, he banned singing in Sidrerías but he could not ban the production of sidra altogether!

Today, the industry is innovating and providing new life for a category that could easily have declined. The "nuevo expression" sidras are clear, sometimes single varietal ciders that aim to compete on equal terms with wine. Interesting though they are, we have decided to introduce a tradional "escanciar" sidra.

Slightly cloudy and still, it is made for pouring a small amount into a glass from height (escanciar) to then be consumed in one go. It's a skill that takes some time to develop but what fun you can have whilst practising!

Zythos Sidra is produced by a small family producer who make it in a time-honoured way, with little if any additives.

The result is delicious, authentic Sidra embued with the rugged character from whence it came.