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Wine by the Glass

At Alliance Wine we are utterly passionate about wine but we are also aware that wine is a business which has to be supported with the right tools.

One way to achieve this is to devote attention to selling 'wine by the glass'.
Studies have shown that, by presenting wine lists more innovatively by range
and price, and by using quality glassware and preservation systems, more
profit will be made and wine becomes more engaging for consumers in the
short and long term.

Traditionally, 'wine by the glass' was reserved for entry level wines only.
We encourage customers to expand their 'by the glass' range by demonstrating
that their customers are willing to pay higher prices for quality.

Not only are we convinced that there is a way to structure your 'wine by
the glass' offering so that everybody wins, we are ready to convince you,
not just with the theory, but with hard evidence and real success stories.