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A vat of enthusiasm and a little knowledge go a long way! 

Case Study: Heritage Portfolio

Case Study

Heritage Portfolio

Heritage Portfolio are consummate professionals at organising dynamic, innovative
and chic events from the sedate and intimate, to the flamboyant and glamorous.
Heritage Portfolio initially had a small selection of 'wines by the glass'
as there were misconceptions:

• Customers would always pick the cheapest wine

• More choice would slow down service

• Larger list 'by the glass' would result in wastage of wine and detriment to quality

• Confusion of staff and customers

We worked with Heritage to change their approach and as well as all of the above assumptions being disproved, the final profit figure was in excess of 20% higher than any previous year. Offering a wider selection of wines 'by the glass' returned significant increases in sales and cash margin and customers are becoming more educated and adventurous in their wine choices.

'At Heritage we pride ourselves on providing a contemporary twist on the traditional. Alliance Wine help us to do this by providing wines with unique personality structured on the list to help drive profits up, and I see this as one of their outstanding points. In fact our businesses have real synergy.

We know that wines from Alliance will have interesting stories, substance and characters behind them, over and above the fact that they taste wonderful. Our events are of the highest calibre and this is something that Alliance Wine understands, allowing us to deliver the very best and exceed our customers expectations. All of this coupled with a bespoke service on deliveries means we have found a perfect partner! '

Ian D'Annunzio- Green, Executive Director


Phenomenal.....the special gems that Alliance source give us the edge. Edgy, creative and absolute loyalty is how I would describe Alliance

Alan McDuff Director, Heritage Portfolio