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A strong dollar and a touch of the 'tall poppy syndrome' has adversely affected Australia over the last few years though strong retail sales in the UK suggest that we still have an enduring love for the wines of our Antipodean friends. Through the twilight years, Australian winemakers have been re-grouping, getting funky, experimenting and making better wine than ever before.

We've spent more time on the ground in Australia than most and our range includes some of Australia's most renowned producers who we have worked with for many years as well as bold newcomers whose stories are still to be told. We've never been more confident about what Australia has to offer.

There is no better place to start than with our very own One Chain Vineyards complete with striking new packaging and improved pricing. We will also have some new releases from Thistledown later in the year showcasing our favourite sites in the Barossa and McLaren Vale.