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Enira, Bessa Valley

Enira is a Bulgarian fine wine project by Stephan von Neipperg of Ch Canon La Gaffelière in St-Emilion. 

The Bessa Valley Winery is located in the Pazardjik region, just 135 Km South-East from Sofia, the capital city. The whole project started in 1999, when businessman and wine lover, Karl-Heinz Hauptmann talked with Stephan von Neipperg about the possibility of investing together in a Bulgarian wine business.

The strong presence of limestone in the soil is very similar to that in Saint Emilion, which is why the particular area was chosen. By 2005 the winery had planted 140 Ha of vineyards - 55% of Merlot, and equal amounts of Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.

The Bessa Valley has a continental climate, with no influence from the Black Sea. The average temperature range between -3℃ and 1℃ in Winter, and between 30℃ and 32 ℃ in Summer. 

The vineyards are located on a gentle slope, with an altitude of between 150m and 210m.