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Félicette, Vin de Pays

Boldly going where no wine has gone before.


The inspriation for Felicette came from a uniquely Gallic surge of innovation, 1963 witnessed France entering the feline space race via a cat named Félicette. Now immortalised on a wine that pays homage to those that think outside the box, Felicette is for all those who dream to be a little di­fferent. It is often said that there are more people who have travelled to space than there are Masters of Wine and while that may be very true, there are many more MWs than there are cosmic cats.

Distinctly French - restraint, mineral, varietal definition, balance - perfect for by the glass as an aperitif or with food.

These wines are fresh and well balanced, produced in the South-West of France, with the white grapes coming from Cazouls, Nissan and Puisserguir vineyards between Narbonne  and Bezziers. The climate here is hot and dry with a mediterranean influence, whilst the soils are sandy, silty with chalky- clay on the hillsides.