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Maison Antech, Limoux

6th generation winemaking

For over five centuries, Maison Antech have tamed this magical terroir to make fine sparkling wines. The secret of their character lies in the wise combination of Limoux's three terroirs, which form the backbone of the cuvées: freshness from the Pyrenees, vinousness from the ocean and roundness from the Mediterranean.

Moving forward they are on a quest for finesse and elegance, and are conducting advanced experiments on the vines as well as trying out new methods on the old vinestocks on the appellation's highest land - stony, south-facing hillsides nearly 400m above sea level opposite the Pyrenees.

The choice of cultivation methods is decisive for the winery, region, partners, customers and future generations. They tested many approaches and gave the issue much thought before committing to integrated winemaking. The Terra Vitis approach convinced them that they can make high quality, healthy, authentic wines regardless of the vintage. Terra Vitis expresses, in Latin, the close, indissoluble bond between vine and terroir. It has become the unique national benchmark for integrated sustainable viticulture.