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Despite the fact that winemaking in Hungary has at least 2000 years tradition, the modern wine industry only dates from the fall of the communist system 20 years ago. Hungary has a myriad of different terroirs within it's small territories. Amongst the 22 wine regions Tokaji Hegyalja is unquestionably the best known and arguably has the most potential to produce world class wines. Loads of local varietals, unique botrytised sweet wines and excellent mineral soils make this region one of the best in the world.

Furmint is the flag bearer for the region and is already Central Europe's best known indigenous varietal. It yields excellent age-worthy dry whites, with splendid mineral expression, and it is also the backbone of the legendary sweet wines of Tokaji.

Whilst famed for their sweet wines, their dry counterparts are equally as good, and the Percze Dry Furmint and Mad Dry Furmint are testament to this.