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Château Ka, Bekaa Valley

Château Ka produces some of the finest wines in Lebanon

Having graduated in Oeneology from the Univeristy of Dijon, Akram Kassatly returned to Lebanon and in 1973, managed to pull together sufficient funds to build his own winery in the Bekaa Valley.

Tragically, shortly after the first wines were made, Lebanon was engulfed by war. The winery was attacked by the militia who, as well as stealing everything they could, opened the tanks and let 500 000 litres of wine flow out.

Devastated at the destruction of his dream, and with 3 young children to support, Akram returned to the family business, and over the next 30 years, in spite of the enormous challenges of war and foreign occupation, succeeded in growing it into a major corporation. However, he never forgot his dream of producing great wine.

Unbeknown to his family, he started to buy land in the Bekaa Valley that would form the basis of their current 70 hectares of prime vineyard holdings and finally, in 2005 he announced to his family that he was going to build another winery.

Today's Chateau Ka is the best equipped winery in Lebanon. They are also the only wines in Lebanon to be produced entirely from their own vineyards, ensuring complete control over the quality of the fruit from which the wines are made. The resultant whites are beautifully fresh and crisp and the reds both rich and concentrated, some of the finest produced in the country.