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Bodegas Luis Cañas, DOCa Rioja

Consistently lauded by the world press, the Luis Cañas wines speak volumes of the soils from which they hail.

A Family Affair
The Cañas family have devoted their live to viticulture and winemaking for over two centuries but their contemporary story begins in 1970 when Luis Cañas and his wife Angeles became the first winemakers in Rioja Alavesa to bottle their young wine rather than sell it in bulk.

The mantel was then passed to their only son, Juan Luis, who has continued their pioneering spirit, cementing them an enviable reputation as one of the most go-ahead and progressive wineries in the region. 

It all happens in the vineyard
One of the fundamental philosophies of Luis Cañas is that the best wines can only be obtained from the best possible grapes - and this begins and ends in the vineyards.

With 350 hectares of outstanding vineyards, split across 870 different plots, the viticultural department control every aspect. Each of the plots has its own personality and is categorised and used for different wines according to its characteristics.

The vineyards supply Tempranillo, Graciano, Mazuelo and Viura grapes which are then selected and crafted into a range of fine Riojas using a combination of modern technology and traditional know-how.

"If I only ate salads I wouldn't make the wines I do..."
Food is one of the social foundations of the Basque Country and feeds into the style of wines crafted by Luis Cañas. Juan Luis says, 'if I only ate salads, I would not make the wines I do.'

The structure, texture and flavours - fruit wrapped in a silky, oak laced layer that seems unique to this part of Rioja - lend themselves to the many culinary delights found both in and outside Spain today.  

This was underlined when Ferran Adrià, who included only 2 wineries from Rioja on his wine list, chose Bodegas Luis Cañas and sister winery, Bodegas Amaren.