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Cal Batllet - Marc Ripoll, DOQ Priorat

Marc Ripoll returned to his family vineyards in 2000 to change their fortunes. He set about renovating the winery that had fallen into disrepair and the family had been reduced to selling their harvests to the local co-operative.

Cal Batllet is now regarded as one of the leading estates from their village of Gratallops and Marc is part of the new generation of winemakers in Priorat who are reclaiming the region for their own with a style focusing on the local terroir and looking to create wines of elegance and refinement. Light years away from the style that made Priorat the darling of the American critics. An organic approach in the vineyard and use of wild yeast and barrel fermentation all come together to create wines expressive of the individual sites they come from. The 90 year old bush vines planted in steep hillsides on slate soil all create personalities of their own, none more so than the nearly extinct Escanyavella grape which produces a wine full of sublime texture and fruit.  

Cal Batllet - Marc Ripoll