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Equipo Navazos, Jerez

Making sherry sexy again

A group of likeminded friends decided to select and share out amongst themselves the contents of an old barrel of Amontillado at Sanchez Ayala - and so the Equipo Navazos project began.

Enthusiasm from the original group's friends and a willingness to share and explore further the jewels that lie hidden around Jerez has determined that nowadays Equipo Navazos and the La Bota range is a slightly better known "secret" than it was 5 years ago. Those at the centre of Equipo Navazos, with their intimate knowledge of Jerez and particularly its cellars are able to find and select extraordinary wines from the many fine producers with whom they collaborate. Expanding from that first bottling of Amontillados Equipo Navazos have found Manzanillas, Amontillados, Palo Cortados and PXs to fascinate the wine world and continues to identify precious, exciting sources for the La Bota series. The most recent release is a white wine from the Miraflores vineyard in Sanlucar, something at the same time both steeped in the history of Andalus winemaking and at the same time very, very contemporary.

Branching out from fortified wines Equipo Navazos have collaborated with one or two other wine makers, Dirk Nieport and Sergi Colet to date, to develop some intriguing and characterful wines. Outside the La Bota series these are still (or sparkling) wines that reveal complexity and the ingenuity of people with a love for and even more so an understanding of wines that give pleasure.