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Two heads are better than one

Fergal Tynan MW and Giles Cooke MW

Drawing on their unrivalled experience of wine production, tasting and international commerce, Fergal & Giles add value to the team by ensuring that we have a vinous proposition that is unlike any other wine business.

Alongside our expert buyers and our Australian winemaker, Peter Leske, this experience is turned to good use in our own production projects around the world.

Giles met Fergal over a beer on the evening before the Master of Wine 1st year course and since then, there has been a certain inevitability that they would, one day, make wine together.

As they studied the MW together, Fergal really should have known better to get involved in a winemaking project with Giles. Though Fergal claims to be the financially prudent one, he's similarly obesssive about great Aussie wine and thankfully allows his enthusiam to run amok every now and then - enabling some of the more random fights of fancy to become wines. They are rightly very proud of all of our own production projects, but particularly the Australian projects of Thistledown Wine Company and Wild and Wilder Wines