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Freya Reinsch

Head of Scottish on trade

Freya Reinsch

Originally from California, Freya came to Scotland in 2001 and expected she'd be back in the sun within a year. 12 years later, she no longer owns a bathing suit or flip-flops, it's still raining, and 15 degrees feels positively balmy. 

Freya completed a masters' in Creative Writing at St. Andrews, then remained in Scotland to pursue her studies at doctoral level. The PhD proved sickly from the start, the manuscript ultimately euthanised, and its deflated author turned dejectedly to drink.

This, of course, meant a fresh start - in the wine trade. Hired by Luvians of Fife as a zero-knowledge wine wannabe, Freya was sure her enthusiasm for fine dining, cheese and charcuterie would morph into drinks expertise in no time. Armed with determination, stubbornness, a penchant for barbaric flavours, and a completely undeserved managerial role, Freya read every wine tome in sight, tasted wherever possible and cobbled together a passable drinks knowledge in less time than it took her to outline a single chapter of her thesis.

Freya soon discovered the joys of craft beer and spent 3 years evangelising about it, steering the Luvians range towards its now-mythical status. This led to a stint in Aberdeenshire importing guest draught for the BrewDog bars, followed by a cameo in the offices of Royal Mile Whiskies. With Alliance, Freya will be focused on Edinburgh's dynamic on-trade and ensuring all its delicious, thirst-quenching offerings are supported by the most fabulous wine portfolio in Scotland.

Freya lives in Stockbridge with her partner, where you can buy the best bread in town from at least 5 different places but nobody sells flat-leaf parsley. She cooks a lot, and if fewer of her dishes were disastrous she might have the temerity to audition for MasterChef.




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