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Adega de Redondo, Portugal

The claim to be Portugal’s most impressive and dynamic cooperative winery, is not without substance.

Adega Cooperative de Redondo brings together around 200 producers, representing more than three quarters of the viticultural sub-region of Redondo, deep in the Alentejo. Founded in 1956 by just 14 growers, with an aim to rejuvenate the region after the ravages of phylloxera and a government’s singular determination to support cereal monoculture to the detriment of other crops, Adega de Redondo was born. Today they fly the flag for authentic, quality Alentejo wines, are a proud member of the Alentejo Wines Sustainability Program, with a focus on red wine production, which accounts for 75% of their total, alongside fresh whites from indigenous varietals.


Portugal’s largest wine region, the Alentejo comprises of eight sub-regions, each with distinct characteristics in terms of relief, soil composition and climate. The Redondo sub-region is influenced by the Serra d’Ossa to the north and east, which rises to an altitude of 600 metres. It protects the vineyards from the prevailing winds and provides a Mediterranean climate, marked by cold, dry winters and hot summers, resulting in well balanced reds and fresh, crisp white wines. Soils are varied, although granite and schist is common. Low humidity and high sunshine hours make sustainable viticulture, based on biodiversity and environmental preservation possible, and Redondo are a member of the Alentejo Wines Sustainability Program.


Winemaking is led by Redondo’s oenological director, Mariana Cavaca in their modern and well-equipped facilities. This enables them to take full advantage of the regions high quality grapes.

  • Flying the flag for Alentejo; high quality, indigenous varietals which deliver on quality and price, with true Portuguese character.
  • Portugal’s most innovative and quality driven cooperative, controlling every aspect of the winemaking process to achieve the highest quality.
  • A proud member of the Alentejo Wines Sustainability Program, with all practices in the vineyard and winery carried out with the future in mind.