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Adega Ponte da Boga, Spain

Deep in Galicia’s Ribeira Sacra region, on the banks of the River Sil, Adega Ponte da Boga nestles amongst precipitous and ancient terraced slopes.

At harvest time, workers descend as if on a pilgrimage to pick the fruit from these steep, narrow terraces. Delicate hands and nimble feet ensure the grapes are passed up the slopes to the winery to begin the next stage of their journey. From vines, often in excess of 100 years old, come fresh elegant expressions of Albarino, Godello, Mencia and rare Merenzao and Blanco Lexítimo. Cooled by the bracing Atlantic air and basking in the warmth of Galician’s sunlight these precariously placed vines produce wines of authenticity and heritage.


All of the vines are looked after by hand according to the concept of integrated winemaking, using natural preventative measures as much as possible, encouraging natural predators to eliminate pests to keep their ancient and noble varieties from succumbing to pests. Harvest time is a heroic effort, terraces are small and there is no mechanisation, meaning the grapes are harvested and carried up the steep hillsides by hand by the pilgrimage of workers that arrive every harvest time!


Pressing and fermentation in stainless steel, with some of the wines aged on the lees or in oak to add complexity.

  • Integrated winemaking and natural measures towards pests in the vineyard.
  • Incredibly steep vineyards means all work is done by hand.
  • Established in 1898, Adegas Ponte de Boga is the oldest winery in Ribera Sacra.