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Ant Moore, New Zealand

Legendary Marlborough winemaker Ant Moore moved to New Zealand in 2002 and quickly became part of the fabric of the region (despite being Australian born!).

Turning bare blocks into thriving vineyards, building up a winery and creating many successful wine brands are just some of his many ventures. Based in and around Marlborough, in the sub-regions of Awatere, Waihopai and Wairau Valleys, these individual micro-climates and terroirs provide a unique personality to Ant's wines.


The growing region of Marlborough has many lovely flavour idiosyncrasies and Ant gathers fruit from the widest range of vineyards possible, all up and down the valleys, and indeed on the ridge-tops to achieve interest and also consistency year to year. With an wholistic approach to viticuture ... grazing sheep in the vineyards is just one aspect which provides for low pesticide and herbicide regimes ... he uses a minimal sulphur approach, age old pruning and canopy management techniques, together with modern practices to achieve archetypical Marlborough flavours. Fruit for this Signature Blend has been sourced predominantly from the Dillons Point, the Awatere Valley and a small component from Brookby Road.


Ant Moore wines combine both traditional and modern winemaking methods. Sticking with age old pruning and canopy management, but utilising a modern equipped winery and practices to give the wines beautiful poise and balance.

  • Certified sustainable viticulture with an emphasis on the health of the soil and vines.
  • Minimal sulphur usage, only when totally necessary.
  • Ant is not afraid to try new approaches and push boundaries, creating wines with plenty of character.