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B Vintners, South Africa

In celebration of their Bruwer family heritage cousins, Bruwer Raats and Gavin Bruwer Slabbert created Bruwer Vintners Vine Exploration Company in 2014.

Their guiding mission is to craft exceptional wines showcasing their heritage, the unique terroir and, through this, create a new future for South African wine. “We’re storytellers, always eager to honour our Cape heritage and historically-linked varieties. However, there are learnings to be taken from the past too, and it is important to incorporate these lessons today in order to produce finer wine for tomorrow’s wine drinkers,” explains Gavin. The result is a range that carefully balances two realms of the winemaking spectrum. By honouring the heritage of the Cape and incorporating innovative and minimal intervention winemaking techniques, B Vintners allows the vineyard to tell the tale, expertly crafting the most honest expression of the fruit of the vine. Today, B Vintners is an award-winning, terroir-driven range that blends a bit of the past and present to bring you a taste of the future.


This is not just your standard partnership. Instead of owning their own vineyards, the B’s (Bruwer & Bruwer) source grapes from different locations best suited to each variety, opting to create working relationships with similar minded people in the industry who believe in their avant-garde winemaking approach.

  • An award winning range or terroir-driven blends linking heritage with innovation and a taste of the future.
  • Cousins Bruwer and Gavin ‘Bruwer’ known as the B’s focus on crafting wines which honestly express the location of the fruit, whilst honouring the Cape heritage.
  • Minimal intervention, with an organic approach respects both the grapes and their unique terroir, resulting in wines with complexity and texture.
These wines are just so interesting, and B Vintners is another welcome player in the dynamic South African wine scene.
Jamie Goode