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Celler del Roure, Spain

Celler del Roure have become the pioneer of quality wine in Valencia.

Owner Pablo Calatayud is committed to nurturing and championing the indigenous varieties of the region, most notably the Mando and Verdil grapes, both of which have been on the edge of extinction.


Pablo has realised that these indigenous grapes are worth saving and, treated properly, can create wines of wonderful quality, freshness and concentration. Paying meticulous care in the vineyard and winery reduces the need for sulphur additions meaning his wines are verging on "natural".


Whilst in the cellar he makes use of Spanish amphorae called tinajas to ferment some of his wines to preserve their characteristic freshness and elegance creating pure and delicious wines with distinct flavours.

  • Recuperation of native varieties Verdil and Mando.
  • Meticulous vineyard work ensure restricted yields and healthy grapes that require less manipulation in the winery.
  • Wines are aged in clay amphorae and are low sulphur. Wines undergo traditional fermentation with as little intervention as possible.