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Château Jaron, France

Château Jaron is located in the heart of the Bordeaux vineyards, between the Dordogne and Lot et Garonne.

Philippe Libératore took control of the family estate in 1994 and together with his wife Caroline, they cultivate over 40 hectares across four communes: Landerrouat, Soussac, Saint-Antoine du Queyret and Pellegrue. Not happy with just producing exceptional quality Bordeaux wines, they have also adopted the use of amphorae for ageing, bringing exceptional freshness and modernity to their wines. This curiosity is reflected in everything they do.


Vineyards are planted in the far east of the region on clay-limestone and clay-siliceous soils. The average age of the vineyards is 30 years with their roots sunk deep into the sub-soils to obtain moisture, vital to withstand the increasingly hot and humid summers, As a result, grapes are densely flavoured, and fully ripen every vintage. With a keen interest in biodiversity, all vineyards are cultivated with sustainability in mind and to mitigate the impact of their activities as much as possible, with certifications from Haut Valeur Environmentle and ‘Bordeaux Cultivons Demain”.


Grapes travel across sorting tables, to ensure only the highest quality fruit goes into the final wines. Temperature-controlled fermentation in stainless steel is used as standard, with micro-oxygenation to enhance fruit flavours and round off the tannins. The wines is then aged partially in stainless steel but the best parcels are aged in clay amphorae for twelve months prior to blending.

  • A winery in the heart of Bordeaux producing exciting wines aged in a combination of stainless steel and amphorae.
  • Vineyards are sustainably managed and they strive to mitigate the impact of cultivation through following the highest levels of certifications, but more importantly doing the right thing.
  • 40 hectares of 30-year-old vines are today managed by Philippe Libératore and his wife Caroline.