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Château L’ Escarelle, France

Chateau de L’Escarelle of one of the most prestigious wine estates in the heart of Provence, with 100 hectares of organically certified vineyards set in 1,000 hectares of beautiful woodland.

In the past year this property has made impressive steps to establish itself as a major player of sustainable agriculture in France. In 2016 the estate achieved Haute Valeur Environnementale certification (France’s most stringent environmental certification scheme, level 3), demonstrating their deep-rooted commitment to protecting the natural world. Their vines are planted at up to 500 metres above sea level, hugging the slopes of the Montagne de La Loube and adapting to the estates' clay and limestone soil profile. The terroir’s distinctive character is perfect for creating highly-expressive, elegant Rosé wines.


Chateau de l’Escarelle has 100ha of organically grown and certified vineyards, growing local varietals including: Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault, Caladoc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Rolle & Ugni Blanc. Their HVE (Haute Valeur Environnementale) certification level three means their vines benefit from being in a very biodiverse habitat, with minimal use of herbicides, pesticides and artificial fertilisers. Their vines also benefit from being planted at an altitude of up to 500m above sea level, lengthening the growing season. The hot dry summers in this Mediterranean climate are offset by the cooling effects of the Mistral wind.


The estate has invested in a high-technology and eco-friendly winemaking facility which has enabled Chateau de l’Escarelle to move entirely to night harvesting. After harvesting by hand the grapes are sorted not just once, but twice. The fermentation room is in a gravity flow design, and the process is temperature-controlled at all times to help preserve the wine’s flavours and ensure it retains its subtle character, before being aged on fine lees. Sustainability is at the heart of the winery’s design: the winery’s roof is covered in solar panels and all of the water used in the wine making process is recovered and treated.

  • Top estate in Provence
  • Organically certified.
  • Winning Biodiversity prize in the 2020 Drinks Business ‘Green Awards’.
The 100 hectare organic vineyard is set in 1,000 hectares of woodland, this property has made major strides in the last year to augment species richness, with cover crops in the vineyards, plantations of apple and olive trees in the surrounding environs, and a butterfly garden in partnership with a bird conservation charity.
2020 Drinks Business 'Green Awards'