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Cinco Fincas, Argentina

A blend of five vineyards, the selection process was rigorous in determining which parcels of fruit would make the cut for this wine.

Working with local growers from across the Mendozan region it is clear the result was worth the effort. A quintessential Argentine Malbec packed with fruit and freshness at an incredible price. A very quaffable, easy drinking wine with copious amounts of blackberry, plum and cherry. Rounded tannins make this soft on the palate with a fresh finish that makes you reach for another glass.


The vineyards sit in the appellation of Medrano in Mendoza at around 350 metres above sea level. Vines are planted at a density of 4000 vines per hectare in a semi desert like position, located close to the Tunyan river, this moderates the climate a little. Soils are deep and sandy and the vines they support are around 10 years old and trained vertically with Guyot pruning.


The wine is fermented in concrete vats with 30% whole berries, with a mix of pigage and pumping over especially at the beginning of fermentation. Aged on the fine lees, this produces a wine that is superb value for money.