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Domaine Bernard Defaix, France

Spending time in Didier and Sylvain’s company you immediately understand the energy and effort that is put into their wines, or more correctly, their vines and land.

Situated a little north of the eponymous village of Chablis the brothers have some of the best situated vineyards in the whole of the region and their efforts to coax the best from the soil are incredible. This translates directly into the wines which are powerful, textural and capable of considerable development. Certified organic and with bio-dynamic influences the gentle caring approach of the Defaix boys makes their wines flagship examples of why Chablis is so special.


Since 2009 Bernard Defaix has been certified as organic, but more sustainable and ecologically friendly farming was something they have been working towards for several years. Combined with elements of biodynamic practices and some traditional techniques, like those used by their grandparents, such as earthing up the vines in winter to protect the base of the vine and inhibit weeds.


‘The first step in a successful vinification is always in the vineyard’. Alcoholic fermentation and then malolactic fermentation is carried out in stainless steel, with natural yeasts, with no additions of sulphur or fining, and only a light filtration before bottling.

  • Vineyards certified organic in 2009. Winery certified organic in 2012.
  • Experimentation with Biodynamic methods such as horn manure and herb teas.
  • Powerful textured and layered wines with great aging potential.