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Domaine Capmartin, France

Under the skilled and insightful guidance of Simon Capmartin, his Madiran and Pacherenc de Vic-Bil Domaine has kicked this most traditional of appellations into a new, more progressive age.

Changes to both the management of his vines and the winery have led to a range of wines which showcase the quality of the appellations whilst brilliantly offering a unique and refreshingly modern twist. Certified organic for the best part of a decade, Simon now has his sights firmly set on biodynamic certification. Natural, low-intervention winemaking is the very essence of his approach. Vinification with no added sulphur, all wild ferments, plus lighter extraction of tannins makes his Madiran Tannat a step apart from the region’s more usual impenetrable blockbusters. With the white wines, unique blends under AOC Pacherenc de Vic-Bilh, using the rare and cherished Petit Corbu variety, is wonderfully complex, whilst IGT Lou Piaf enlivens the palate with electric sharp acidity … certainly a winemaker to watch with interest.


Domaine Capmartin follow a holistic approach to viticulture, based on their total respect of the vine and the environment. 18 hectares of vineyards are located on clay - silica soils with grapes planted on southern and south-eastern slopes, limestone and clay towards the southwest. 65% of plantings are red wines in the Madiran area, 20% are white wines in Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh AOC, and 15% are IGP Côtes de Gascogne wines. This Estate has been certified organic since 2013, forbidding the use of chemicals for weeding, they prefer a mechanical mowing and tillage. In recent years they have moved closer to biodynamic practices, with a strict treatment schedule using only natural products like copper sulphate, local biodynamic preparations from locally grown nettle and chamomile, and essential oils of lavender. Vineyards are fertilised with manure that are composted for the estate by neighbouring animals.


Domaine Capmartin produce quality wines that are an expression of the Madiran terroir. The winemaking decisions Simon Capmartin makes change according to the vintage and maturity of grapes. Grapes are mainly harvested at night to ensure freshness and are cold stabilised for 12 hours prior to wild fermentation. Depending on maturity of the year extraction can include very delicate pigeage.

  • A modern, exciting take on traditional Madiran & Pacherenc de Vic-Bilh wines.
  • Organic/ biodynamic/ low intervention/ natural winemaking.
  • Fun and exploration with the IGP Gascony wines, with funky packaging (Cosmique and Pimpant).