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Domaine Les Vieux Murs, France

Jean-Paul Paquet began to work the vines of Les Vieux Murs in 1978.

The Chardonnay grape thrives on the limestone and clay soils of the Mâconnais vineyards of Burgundy. At Domaine Les Vieux Murs the 30 to 50 year old vines are in perfect balance to produce fruit of optimum ripeness. Jean-Paul has now been joined by his son Yannick in the family business. Yannick has travelled widely to broaden his knowledge and is quickly earning himself a great reputation.


The Fuissé region in the south of Burgundy is 250-300 metres above sea level. The soil there is predominatly argilo-calcareous. At Fussiacus the average vine age is 25 years so that the plants are in balance and at their peak of production. The techniques are those of organic farming albeit not certified. The harvest here is by hand.


Traditional fermentation.

  • Organic although not certified.