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Domaine Reverdy Ducroux, France

The first recorded mention of this estate dates back to 1550 and makes Laurent Reverdy the 14th generation to run this dynamic Domaine in Verdigny, overlooking the Loire Valley.

After studying in Amboise and Beaune, Laurent took over from his father Alain in 2000 and has continued a careful programme of investment and sustainable vineyard management. Today, the Domaine cultivates 50 plots, across 35 hectares of the best terroirs in the Sancerre region, mainly around the commune of Verdigny, but with small parcels in the diverse crus and terroirs across the appellation, notably on the argilo-calcaire at Bué, flint in St Satur and the hard chalk caillottes in Crézancy. Sustainability and preserving the future of their vineyards is a priority, with every technique from mechanical weeding, green harvesting, through to their new gravity fed winery, evidence of their strong intention to make wines in a sensitive and low impact way.


The estate has more than 50 plots, spread over the Sancerre appellation. Vineyards are managed according to the sustainable principles of lutte raisonnée; Laurent allows grass to grow through the vineyards which helps maintain the soil structure, mechanical weeding is favoured over chemicals, copper additions are minimal and quality is enhanced using de-budding and a systematic thinning whenever necessary.

  • Laurent's cuvées emphasise the classic crunchy and aromatic style of Sancerre, using only grapes from his domaine.
  • With a heritage running over 14 generations, the importance sustainability and investment for the future is key.
  • Preserving the future of their vineyards through manure additions during winter ploughing, mechanical weeding rather than chemicals and limiting the use of copper in controlling mildew.