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El Camarón, Spain

We’ve worked with a winery in the Val do Salnés to produce a fresh and elegant Albariño which captures the quality and unique expression of the variety in this area.

Based on a long winegrowing tradition, grapes are entirely from their own vineyards, handcrafted and nurtured with a singular dedication to Albariño. Proximity to the raging Atlantic infuses the wines with characteristic salinity and lively acidity, whilst the granite soils create incredible depth of flavour, making it the perfect match with seafood and inspiring the name, El Camarón (Spanish for shrimp). The name is also a nod to Camarón de la Isla, undoubtedly one of the greatest flamenco singers of all time and responsible for its huge popularity today.


Albariño grapes from vineyards located within 8km of the winery, in the premium sub-zone of Val do Salnés. Most vineyards are on hillsides facing the Ria de Arosa, very close to the Atlantic Ocean, picking up characteristic saline freshness. Soils are predominantly granite; decomposed and crumbly at the surface, with rocky outcrops, providing excellent drainage. To ensure perfect sun exposure, vines are trained on traditional south-facing pergolas. Pruning allows greater leaf area which harnesses the suns ripening power, and raises the grapes away from the ground, reducing fungal disease, in what is a wet and humid region.


An emphasis on minimal intervention in the winemaking and movement of the must entirely by gravity. Grapes arrive at ground level, where they are sorted and gently pressed. The must is cooled, and left to macerate on the skins for a few hours. Stainless steel tanks located below ground level then receive the must; temperature controlled fermentation using indigenous yeasts lasts 4 weeks. The wine is then kept on lees for 2 weeks, with regular stirring to enhance the texture and aromatics. The wine is stabilised, with some vintages undergoing partial malolactic fermentation. Unfined, with a light filtration before bottling.

  • Albariño grapes from the prized sub-zone of Val do Salnés produce unique wines infused with salinity yet depth.
  • We work with a producer dedicated to expressing classic Albariño using indigenous yeasts in their gravity fed winery.
  • Albariño is made for fish and sea-food … delicious with El Camarón (Spanish for shrimp).