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Guerila, Slovenia

Zmago Petrič's family's winery is located in Vipavska Dolina and from the very beginning, they have worked organically and biodynamically, devoting their energies to local grape varieties and respecting the natural environment around them.

Concentrating on the varieties of Zelen and Pinela which are only grown in this region and nowhere else on the planet, they have built a genuinely unique proposition. Everything is hand-picked, naturally fermented and then bottled unfiltered with just a minimal sulphur addition, creating wines that are delicate, mineral and full of freshness.


Viticulture procedures follow the biodynamic calender and is simple, with the focus on allowing the plants to yield only what it can naturally produce, other than by addition of green manure, biodynamic compost and biodynamic pesticides. All grapes are hand picked.


Fermented with their natural yeasts. Malolactic fermentation is also spontanious, amd the wines are bottled un-filtered with just minimal sulphur addition.

  • One of only four producers certified as Biodynamic by Demeter in Slovenia and all wines are suitable for Vegetarian and Vegan, Organic and Biodynamic!
  • No pesticides used, organic fertiliser/ humus preparations for the soil, and only minimal use of SO2 at bottling.
  • Total production is tiny… only 40 thousand bottles a year.