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Oddbird No Alcohol Wine, Italy

Moa Gürbüzer founded Oddbird in 2013 to question and change societies norms around alcohol and offer a quality alternative … liberated from alcohol.

Creating modern, world-class wines with zero alcohol is a skill, shaped by tradition and made possible through innovation. Achieving the distinct pure taste with high complexity doesn’t just happen. It involves a wine-making process with minimal intervention and relentless attention to every detail. From the choice of grapes and vineyard site, to fermentation, alcohol removal and bottling … a vision towards transforming drinking culture with quality in mind!


The grape varieties used in the Oddbird wines are chosen to ensure a distinct and authentic taste in all their wines: selecting the best grapes, cultivated with organic practices in the vineyards and picked at the perfect level of maturity.


The wines are fermented in stainless steel or concrete eggs with ageing in barrel for the red. Alcohol is removed with a patented method that preserves the wines original character … with nothing added. The flavours you taste and those from the grapes.

  • A high quality no-alcohol wine, with an authentic taste … liberated from alcohol and offering an alternative in all social occasions.
  • On a mission to make the question 'Do you want your wine with or without alcohol?' as commonplace as ‘Do you want your coffee with or without milk?’.
  • Oddbird’s low intervention organic wines are produced in a way which reduced CO2 emissions.