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Pierre Mignon, France

Champagne Pierre Mignon is a family owned house located in Le Breuil in the Marne Valley.

Over several generations, the family estate has grown significantly with vineyards in the Marne Valley, Côte des Blancs and Épernay. Mignon produces stylish Champagnes with a fresh, vibrant character, all of the wines are made within their own cellars where attention to detail and quality is paramount. Their fresh and vibrant character is balanced with a soft and creamy mousse to produce Champagne that is perfect for any occasion.


The typicality and diversity of the terroirs make it possible to prepare high quality champagnes of character. The vineyard of 14 hectares is spread over the whole of Champagne area - Marne Valley, Côtes des Blancs and Épernay region, planting Pinot Meunier (60%), Pinot Noir (10%),and Chardonnay (30%). All of the picking is done by hand.


In order to continually improve quality, Pierre Mignon has set up a very strict selection process for the grapes and pressed juices, with a meticulous settling stage and rigorous control of the fermentations. The extreme care taken over the production of the wines reduces the need for filtration, thereby preserving all of the flavour for the subsequent blends. Devoted to the land and passionate about wine, Jean-Charles Mignon creates the Maison’s Champagnes and regularly produces characterful new Cuvées.

  • Minimum intervention is practiced in the vineyards. The rows are grassed over to protect the soil and plants and sexual confusion treatments reduce the need for chemical treatments to be used.
  • Devoted to creating a wine of fresh and vibrant character that is balanced with a soft and creamy mousse to produce Champagne that is perfect for any occasion.
  • The winery has recently invested in new stainless steel tanks with positive charged walls which allow for them to be cleaned much more energy efficiently.