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Plou et Fils, France

Domaine Plou, located on the banks of the River Loire, has been in the same family since 1508, just a few years before Leonardo da Vinci arrived at the nearby Château d’Amboise.

Over those 500 years, winemaking tradition has been passed down through the generations, the right vines have found the ideal vineyards sites, and the secrets of each parcel have been handed down and are now integral to their DNA. The estate now stretches over 75 hectares and it’s current custodians, Mathieu and Guillaume Plou produce a range of wines which typify the soils and grapes from this ancient viticultural land.


Viticultural traditions have been passed down through the generations, and there is an unparalleled understanding of their vineyards and how each variety is influenced by the terroir. The flinty clay and clay-limestone soils enable good water retention, particularly important as summers become warmer and drier. This cuvée is named after ‘tuffeau’, the creamy white stone which can be found in the vineyards in this part of the Loire, producing crisp, mineral and perfectly poised sparkling wines.


A semi-sparkling 100% Chardonnay with 2.9 bar pressure. The wine undergoes a second fermentation in the bottle to create fine, gentle yet persistent bubbles. Bottled under crown cap.