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Quintas do Homem, Portugal

Quintas do Homem is one of those estates that immediately captivates you with its charm, its passion and dynamism.

Nuno and his father, Antonio, work the vines of their two vineyards, Quinta do Veiga and Quinta do Paço, where they grow predominately Loureiro and Arinto. Ana, their long term winemaker, is a fierce taskmaster, demanding quality fruit that enables her to deliver the pure, fine and elegant Vinho Verdes that Nuno expects. It's very much a family exercise with Nuno and his father working the vineyards, Nuno's mother preparing delicious, traditional Portuguese dishes for visitors and Ana, an adopted family member, making sure the wines are always perfect.


The 'Integrated Production' system defined by the International Organisation for Biological and Integrated (IOBC) as a system for producing high quality wine, which are based on sustainability principles, the application of natural resources, the use of regulatory mechanisms to replace fertilisers, using appropriate tools and procedures for monitoring traceability of all processes, making it economically viable, environmentally sound and socially just!


Modern equipment installed in 2011 include Pneumatic presses, a fast bottling plant capable of 1500 bottles per hour, and temperature controlled stainless steel tanks.

  • Use the Integrated Production system defined by the International Organization for Biological and Integrated (IOBC) to produce high quality wines from sustainable principles.
  • Uses natural resources such as organic and biodynamic fertilisers.
  • Crisp, fresh and very palatable wines.