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Tenute Bosco, Italy

Sofia Ponzini started Tenute Bosco in 2010 in an attempt to breathe life back into two small vineyards on the slopes of Mount Etna.

Some of the vines are over 120 years old, and pre-phylloxera, on land recovered 300 years ago from the cooled lava flow following Etna’s last major eruption. There is more living history in the sight of the traditional ‘alberello’ method of propagation in the vineyards that leaves the vines free standing and backed by dry stone walls. Sofia is intent on reviving the traditions of this land, and the indigenous Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio and Carricante which they clearly love. Creating wines that definitely have a sense of place, of the present and the past.


Northern exposure usually generates some difficulties in wine growing. However, the proximity of Mount Nebrodi and Peloritani, forms a climatic sac, with rainfall and sunshine that allow for optimal grape ripening, particularly for the reds. Etna also expresses its energy and strength in its soils: the sandy nature of the terrain differs between the two contradas, particularly in the soil of Vigna Vico at Passopisciaro. The mineral composition of the sandy soil makes it permeable, ideal for oxygen circulation, also in deep layers. Its predisposition also allows for the root apparatus to explore and the plant to find water, even in the most arid vintages. The altitude instead offers harmonious synthesis of aromas and acidity and grants freshness, elegance and sulphurous vitality to the wines.


The modern structure of the wine cellar is designed to allow that the process of filling of the truncated-conical fermentation vats, occurs exclusively by gravity. The process of a uniform mechanical punch-down allows for the extraction of the most noble of substances from the skins. At the end of the fermentation process, the wines are transferred into oak barrels. The entire architectural system is designed to achieve a natural control of the temperatures inside the cellar. The double lava-stone perimeter walls grant a thermic isolation from the external environment.

  • Certified organic wines from the 2017 vintage.
  • 4 hecatres of traditional, freestanding "albarello" ungrafted and pre-phylloxera vines over 120 years old.
  • Natural temperature control in the cellar thanks to a double lava stone perimeter wall.