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With a little help from Peter Leske, we make world class wines from our very own home in the Adelaide Hills. Find out more about the fruits of our labours

Alliance Wine Australia

Authentic Australian Wines with a Celtic Twist

Consisting of three Brands, Wild and Wilder, which is all about good clean fun. Working hand in hand with their merry band of growers, crafting wines of supreme quality but without taking it all too seriously. One Chain Vineyards, where we work closely with growers in South Eastern Australia, and the wines demonstrate the synergies of the best grape varieties grown in the right places, and Thistledown, producing hand-crafted, small batch Grenache, Chardonnay & Shiraz.

Working with Growers

Drawing on this experience, we work alongside growers and wineries to craft a range of seriously individual wines that are a true reflection of the people that made them and the land on which they were grown. We're not looking for the mass produced or the banal - we seek out fruit, land, people and ideas that inspire us and, in turn, inspire you. 

The People

Giles Cooke MW

Giles has travelled the world buying wine and creating engaging new products. But something has always drawn him back to Australia, where much of his early travel in the wine trade was done. Having met Fergal over a beer on the evening before the Master of Wine 1st year course, there was a certain inevitability that they would, one day, make wine together.

Fergal Tynan MW

Having kissed the blarney stone at an early age, Fergal's trajectory through wine has been hard and fast with extensive travel throughout Europe, South America and Australia. Like Giles, regular, long exposures to Australian wine have led to an enduring love for the wines, people and regions that, in the end, lured him into the actual making of it. Fergal became an MW in 2004.

Peter Leske

Peter is a well known face in Australian wine, having had a high profile career working for the likes of Nepenthe, Grosset and Domaine Dujac in Burgundy. In 2012, Pete bought back the old Nepenthe winery in Lenswood, Adelaide Hills and re-named it Revenir. Well equipped with all the toys needed to make brilliant small batch wine, this is the home for Thistledown and where Pete is based full time.

A brilliant winemaker, capable of juggling all manner of issues at harvest time and an all-round good egg, Pete is fundamental to the quality of what we make at Thistledown.


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