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Casa Marin, San Antonio

Boutique family run winery located in Lo Abarca

When the first vintage of the Sauvignon Blanc was released, it was heralded by Parker as the best white wine made in South America.

A moment of great satisfaction for Maria Luz Marin who had to fight to be allowed to plant her vineyards in Lo Abarca, only 5km from the sea. But this is a lady who doesn't take 'no' for an answer and has a career littered with great achievements and numerous firsts. Maria Luz's vision and determination to coax world class wines from these coastal vineyards has proved Chile is capable of producing wine that can take on the world's best.

The first harvest was vinified in 2003 and this marked the beginning of an innovative and radical project of wine making in Chile. In 2010, the Cipreses Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc was recognised as the Best Sauvignon Blanc in the world, and all of her wines,  Pinot Noir, Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Gewürztraminer, and Sauvignon Gris - are highly regarded throughout the world and she is now backed by her son, Felipe, a winemaker who shares the same passion and conviction to realize his mother's dream.

Viña Casa Marín has always respected the surrounding land and has worked in a natural, harmonious way with the environment. With this in mind, the winery has always invested in three areas they feel are most important: social, environmental and economic. Since the beginning in 2000, it has instilled the focus on clean and respectful production throughout the company. Their approach in the vineyard is to use only 'green' products. 80% of the 46 hectares of vineyard is located on hills including some steep hill slopes. The vineyard is divided in 63 blocks reflecting the differences in soil, sun exposure, temperature and exposure to the wind.

2018 saw Maria luz crowned one of the ten most influential women of the wine industry in the world by Drinks Business magazine, the second time in 20 years..

In May 2018, the President of Chile designated three new wine appellations (DO) in Chile for areas smaller than a municipality (for first time in history). In recognition of Casa Marín's prestige and quality, D.O Lo Abarca was born; probably the most important recognition for Casa Marin.

In January 2019, Casa Marin has been certified as sustainable by Chile's National Sustainability Certification Scheme. They are measure for sustainability in three areas; the vineyards, the cellar, and as a business model as a whole.