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Odfjell, Maipo Valley

Odfjell are one of Chile’s cutting edge producers and we are delighted to include them in the Alliance Wine portfolio.

Norwegian born ship owner Dan Odfjell discovered and fell in love with a small corner of the famous Maipo Valley in Chile over 25 years ago. He invested in some land which serendipitously turned out to be located in Chile's premium red wine producing valley, where Vitis Vinifera has been cultivated for over 400 years.

While most other top producers in Chile work with relatively young wines, Odfjell has forged a unique reputation by rediscovering the forgotten wealth of Chile's winemaking past. In fact, they believe their Carignan vines in Cauquenes are the oldest in Chile at over 100 years old! Although,s at times, this was considered an eccentric move, interest in these old sites has since grown hugely.

With vineyards throughout Chile, from Casablanca and Maipo through to Maule, Odfjell have access to a diversity of terroir and climates.

Set 175m above sea level, Maule enjoys high temperatures and cooling breezes from the Pacific Ocean - the perfect environment for juicy fruit and bright acidity.

This year, Odfjell joined the Vignadores de Carignan, further underpinning their commitment to sustainable agriculture and green winemaking practices.  

Their wines demonstrate the fantastic results that can be achieved through organic viticulture and biodynamic techniques, crafting wines that fully maximise the potential of the region.

See the laid back beauty of the winery and vineyards for yourself: