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Domaine Fichet, Mâconnais

Domaine Fichet was created in 1976 by Francis and Christiane Fichet.

Nestled in the town of Igé, northwest of Maçon, Domaine Fichet is now run by sons, Pierre-Yves (winemaker) and Olivier (vineyard manager), who took over in 1988.

They have since increased the size of the vineyard from 11 to 20 hectares and significantly raised the quality level of their wines.  

In recent years, Olivier has invested in a new winery to modernise their approach and ensure that hygiene is beyond reproach.

Francis Fichet was one of the first to plant Pinot Noir in the highly Chardonnay dominant region. His original plantings are now over 30 years old and are blended with Pinot that Pierre-Yves planted in 1994.

The Mâcon Villages has a perfect balance of concentration, acidity and minerality and the Bourgougne Pinot Noir is beautifully fresh and light.