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Feudo Antico, Abruzzo

Limited yields and only organic or low environmental impact winemaking techniques used.

Feudo Antico was created on a small plot of land in the heart of Abruzzo. It is in Italy's smallest DOP and the first designation of its kind in Abruzzo. Starting from the 2013 vintage, all wines are Magis certified, the most advanced project for the sustainability of wine production in Italy.

Currently their 15 hectares are cultivated using native varieties producing limited yields to ensure quality is retained. Clearly they highly value the land they work and this attitude is continued in the winery where the fruit and wine come into contact with no wood whatsoever, only concrete and glass, to guarantee the purity of the fruit and its flavours is conveyed from the vineyard direct to the glass.

  • Tullum PDO covers an extremely limited area - 300 hectares in the Municipality of Tollo in the province of Chieti - and is characterised by rigid production parameters.
  • The density of cultivation must be no less than 3,300 vines per hectare, vinification and bottling must be carried out within the area, and grapes coming from vineyards located on the valley floor or situated at less than 80m above sea level are not permitted.
  • The vines produce limited yields and only organic or low environmental impact winemaking techniques are used.
  • To mature the wines they use glass-concrete containers and bottles in the cellar, with the exception of Reserve wines, to ensure thermal stability without resorting to refrigeration, and to allow the wine to express its natural qualities without coming into contact with wood.
  • Only wild fermentation is used for the organic wines with minimal processing and no filtering.