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Giavi, Veneto

Delcious DOCG Prosecco from the heart of Conegliano

The life of The Giavi farm started as early as 900 AD and has been making Prosecco since 1914. Now owned by the Zuanetti Cuscito family and covers an area of around 12 hectares on a hill overlooking the town of Conegliano, a hill which was often sat on for hours on end by Cima da Conegliano, a famous italian painter who's work hangs in major museums around the world.

Marco Cuscito worked tirelessly renovating the vineyards, and replanting the vines for Prosecco Superiore DOCG. With only 12 ha of vineyards, careful pruning each year, 60% of the harvest is done by hand, and only estate grown grapes used, the quality of the resulting wine is high, making these very much boutique wines.

Considerable thought has been given to wine grape growing by recent re-planting of Prosecco Superior DOCG as well as Rosso dei Colli di Conegliano vines, both registered under the relevant DOCG and DOC regulations.