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Raats Family Wines, Stellenbosch

Mavericks like Bruwer Raats are really forging ahead, producing wines with a real sense of provenance and style.

Bruwer Raats is a gentle giant of a man and his reputation is starting to match his stature.

His mastery of Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc is bringing him praise from around the world as "the most exciting and forward thinking winemaker" in Stellenbosch. He talks of quality by design rather than by default - the current obsession with old vines in South Africa may be admirable but Bruwer believes that better results can be obtained from the right variety planted in the right place. Planting and cultivating the right vines using this considered approach, often using high density planting, is beginning to yield the results that suggest he is on the right track. As an endorsement of his ascendency, Raats has been named as Platter's South African Winery of the Year with no less than eight 5 star wines!