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Alvarez y Diez, DO Rueda

Crisp, herbacious Rueda white wines from Rueda

Based in the town of Nava del Rey, close to Valladolid, Alvarez y Diez was founded in 1941. Brothers Alvaro and Juan de Benito inherited the company from their father, who had bought the company after purchasing their wines as Christmas gifts for his stockbroking clients.

Alvarez y Diez were among the first in the region to produce the crisp, herbaceous style associated with Rueda today - a far cry from the oxidised sherry like wines of the past.

The driving force at the winery today comes from owner Juan de Benito and winemaker Pilar Garcia who continue the pioneering spirit of the winery. Their principles are to protect the environment, limiting the amount of human intervention, to produce a pure wine that reflects its terroir.

A combination of some of the oldest vines in the D.O, poor soils and high density planting help to contribute to the exemplary quality of fruit harvested by Alvarez y Diez which is amply demonstrated in the finished wines.

The vines are among the highest in Rueda, where there's a huge difference between night and day temperatures, giving perfect balance between grape acid and sugar - perfect conditions for white wines!


Alvarez y Diez