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We are always delighted to hear from our producers, here is one from our friends at Domaine Pillot, one of the superstars of Chassagne-Montrachet.

"Dear all, I hope you and your family are doing well. The confinement period is complicated for all of us and I want to give you some news from Chassagne-Mt. Trade and commercial activity are very calm, although we have a few orders from individuals as well as orders for export. Our sales to restaurants are at a standstill, but overall restaurants only represent a very small part of our sales in France. The work continues mainly in the cellar, and of course in the vineyards. Nature wakes up with all the buds growing. The “cote” is green, vines are very beautiful. Working outside in the vineyards, in the sun, allows us to forget a bit about all the current problems. The Chardonnays are already well advanced, around the 3-4 leaf spread stage, the “white premier cru” are more advanced than the other vines. This year is ahead of the average, the weather is currently hot and dry. This weather fully benefits the growth of the vine. Our whole team is working and doing well so far, we are progressing normally in our activities, the vineyard work is up to date. The dry weather even allows us to plow all the soil, as we have been doing for several years now, without any chemicals. Thanks to the weather and a motivated team, we are almost ahead of our work. Next month is very important with the work on the vines canopy. We need more staff in our vineyards because these works are very time-consuming, I hope we can continue to manage our vines well in good conditions. The future will be difficult, certainly different, we will do our best to keep our good relations going. Stay safe."